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World Vibe Radio One (WVRO) is a professional internet based radio station broadcasting through to the World. Launched in Chicago, Illinois on June 1st, 2006 now in Tempe, Arizona. This station airs music that appeals to the 25+ listener. WVRO was created for the fans of real music! WVRO offers listeners what's NOT found on commercial radio both in and outside of the market. It's a T.V. show for your ears! Featuring new & retro R&B/Soul/Neo, Jazz, Hip Hop, House & live interviews with music artists; as well as broadcasts of live events, concerts, & more... The 24/7 station presents the essence of being "soulful!" Listeners can chill out to some soul stirring music that moves the mind, body, & soul. WVRO allows the opportunity to get out of "radio jail" and chill out to a Grown and Sexy Vibe for the adult in you! Can listen via or you can download the Tunein app or you listen to use on iTunes radio under the R&B/Soul tab!

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