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World Vibe Radio One ® - R&B, Soul, Jazz, House, Live Events, and more! MUSIC FOR THE ADULT IN YOU!

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World Vibe Radio One (WVRO) is a professional internet based radio station broadcasting through to the World. Launched in Chicago, Illinois on June 1st, 2006. This station airs music that appeals to the 25+ listener. WVRO was created for the fans of real music! WVRO offers listeners what's NOT found on commercial radio both in and outside of the market. It's a T.V. show for your ears! Featuring new & retro R&B/Soul/Neo, Jazz, Hip Hop, House & live interviews with music artists; as well as broadcasts of live events, concerts, & more... The 24/7 station presents the essence of being "soulful!" Listeners can chill out to some soul stirring music that moves the mind, body, & soul. WVRO allows the opportunity to get out of "radio jail" and chill out to a Grown and Sexy Vibe for the adult in you! Can listen via or you can download the Tunein app or you listen to use on iTunes radio under the R&B/Soul tab!

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